Name: Kaiden Jackson - Age: 20  | FC: Max Irons

This character is taken.

‘Death is inevitable but it’s worth it.’

Before the War:

Kaiden, who’s Kaiden? That is what you might hear often from those around Canston. Kaiden moved here a year ago with his family, he hasn’t quite made an impression on this little town since he came, more likely to keep to himself than be loud and obnoxious. He doesn’t exactly like to be rude to people by butting in especially after everyone in this town being so close for so long, he felt like an intrusion. A few took their time to get to know Kaiden, they started to realise the unfamiliar face seemed to keeping popping up more often than usual. They finally confronted the new guy and realised the great guy he is. Quiet to strangers but once you get to know him, you just see that he’s more shy and kind hearted, not just plain weird. He likes to cause mayhem, believe it or not, jokes and tricks are something of the sort for Kaiden and also if you are around him, sarcasm is pretty much his best friend; he can’t seem to help himself on most occasions, it just seems to slip on out. He never hurts anyone, not ever; so if you feel like he might be the bad guy, you are completely wrong; he’s too nice for his own good at times. Kaiden and his family are the average family, his dad worked as a mechanic in Constan, his mother in the supermarket and his younger brother, just the usual fourteen year old boy. They got along, times they didn’t but that is how families work, they can dis-function from time to time but with this family they always held each others back no matter how angry. Kaidens the dream kid to them though, willing to help out without getting money for it, he just likes to be the guy that everyone loves. Might be his main problem, he wants to make everyone love him and feels terrible when hated.

The Present:

Of course, Kaiden had been one of those out in the wild when the attack hit. Only it was in a hunt down for the family dog, much as people would find it odd that he went into a full on hunt for a dog, he was lucky that the family cared so much about the little bulldog or he would have faced an unlucky fate. His family took the car one way to look on the main road while Kaiden took a look out in the forest, he knew it was impossible but he couldn’t leave the dog out there. While he was buried among the trees, he found Pete, the dog; but also became aware of the incoming planes. With a grasp of the dog under his arm, he wasn’t letting go this time; he was making his way back into the town when he realised he had to move back. He was able to move back into the forest before he was spotted. He’d seen people being drag from their homes and he knew he had to hide out for a few days, when he returned, he’d made a run in with some of the others. 

Returning to his home, that had been off of the main road, making it safer to return to. It looked like his family hadn’t made it very far when they had been dragged off to the show ground. The car had smashed through a fence, coming to halt with what seemed like a major amount of force, the doors left wide open and no more traces of his family there.  Now, Kaiden has never been so determined to fight for something and no chance will he let them take away his family. He wants a good and sweet revenge, his kind and sweet nature has turned sour and he wants to fight, all he wants to do is run straight into it. Though he holds a nice and fun nature to the others, they can also see the willingness in his eyes and his outbursts of why they are all sitting doing nothing. He’s on the edge but he’s going to fight to the end of this war, there is no doubt. 

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