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survival is essential |Kaiden & Chastity

For a moment she just stared annoyed at him without know exactly what to say. It was true that he was the first time who actually had the courage to say something like that to her, but what he said it wasn’t true at all. “I admit that no one ever told me that.” She nodded her head and added. “But what you said it’s not true. I’m not going to say that everyone likes me, because i know that’s not true. But i’m not a whiny and self absorbed Barbie or Princess. That just show what kind of boy you are.” The petite young woman told him harshly, continuing. “Never heard that ‘appearances are deceptive’?” She asked, resting both of her hands on her hips in a very bossy way not wanting to show any kind of weak reaction in front of him.

“I hope that you are kidding.” Chastity murmured sarcastically under her breath as she shook her head stubbornly, not even believing in what she was hearing. “You were the one who started to be all mean with me when i did nothing to you. You called me Princess first so i called you Caveman, because that’s what you are. It’s fair.” Her light eyes roamed around the room for only a second as she was trying to find something to throw at him and if she was lucky maybe she would be able to put some sense in his head. Or maybe not. She watched him standing up from the bed before she walked out of the room too. “Dare me.” She quickly hissed when he said that she wasn’t capable to kick him. However this time instead of just giving him one of her comebacks, Chastity just walked toward his parents bedroom to get the blankets. 

A few minutes after, she walked down the staircase with both of her hands holding a large pile of blankets and trying to be careful to not let everything fall on the floor. “Can you give me one my bags, please?” She asked politely as she placed the pile on the top of the back of the couch, turning to look at him. 

He raised an eyebrow, amused. “Really?” He mused, “And what kind of boy am I?” Kaiden laughed, “I’ve heard the quote, but they way it’s been told to me is ‘Nothing is ever as it seems.’ Your phrasing needs work Princess.” He let out a real laugh this time, “I’m not kidding. One thing you’ll learn about me Blondie, I never joke.”

His eyes narrowed as she called him Caveman. The nickname didn’t even make sense, so he let it slide. “There’s a reason for everything.” He said as he watched her look about the room. If she threw anything at him, he thought, he’d just leave her here on her own, soldiers be damned.

"I dare you." He said, his face inches from hers. Kaiden smirked as she walked to get the blankets, going down the stairs. He looked down at the blankets then at her, letting out a laugh. "Sure thing Princess." Reaching down, he snagged a bag, tossing it up at her. He’d found the knives, namely, the carving knives, and tucked them into the bag. Kaiden had slung the bag over his shoulder, when he paused at the drawers. "Should we bring back chocolate?" He wondered aloud, "Or is that too impractical?"

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survival is essential |Kaiden & Chastity

Chastity picked up the wet towel once again, trying to wash the mud off her face as she kept both of her eyes on the mirror in front of her. “Now i know why i never talked to you before. You are such of a prat.” She snapped at him as she shook her head. Pissing her off was apparently starting to be one of his favorite hobbies and she wasn’t like it at all. It was true that she liked complicated and challenger situation, but being in the same space as Kaiden was just making her furious. This was just too much to handle, but there was no way that she was going to show her weak side.

“I don’t judge people.” She pointed that out quickly when he affirmed that it was the human nature to judge. It was just stupid and pointless, especially to her because she never thought in that way. To her everyone was nice, until now. “I don’t say shit! Arg i can’t stand you.” Groaning out loud, the blond placed down the wet towel to pick up the grey sweater. Finally wearing something warmer than her thin cotton shirt, Chastity looked at her refection on the small bathroom mirror and shrugged her shoulders slightly. It didn’t look so bad like that after all; a little too big for her petite size but still it was nice. The word ‘Barbie’ caught her attention and the blond walked back into his room, narrowing her blue eyes at him. If looks could kill, he would already be dead. “I’m not a fragile little Barbie! Don’t make me kick you, because i won’t think twice in doing that.” She said bluntly, without breaking her eye contact with him. When he mentioned the matches and the kitchen knives, she nodded her head. “I got the matches, but not the knives. I didn’t find them, only the meal ones and that would be a pointless to bring with us.”

"No." He said, his voice taunting, "You’ve never spoken to me because I avoid barbies like you. I can’t stand whiny, self absorbed twits. And you think I’m a prat, because no one’s ever told you this." He raised a brow, "Admit it." He enjoyed egging her on, mainly because there was a certain something about the town’s princess that he couldn’t stand. Perhaps it was her very apparent love of herself.

"Really?" He said, in a tone that was less of a question, and more of a statement. "Because it looks a hell of a lot like you’re judging right now." Maybe he was the first person to give her a taste of reality, the town was small enough, it could be possible that no one had ever been mean to her before. Well, he wasn’t being all that mean, he figured, he’d acted worse towards people he didn’t like.

"I can’t stand you either." Kaiden said, flashing her a wide grin as she stormed back into his room. He crossed his arms over his chest, rolling his eyes at her. "I don’t think you’re capable." He stood up, looking about the room. "It’s time for us to go." He said evenly, not wanting to leave the house, but knowing that they had to get the supplies off to Hell again. "I’ll grab the knives." He said, slinging the duffel bag over his shoulder as he bounded down the stairs and into the kitchen.

survival is essential |Kaiden & Chastity

“It was the guilty look on Pete’s face when i walked in.” Chastity mocked him as she tilted her head slightly to the side. The blond stepped away from the closet and walked out of the bedroom toward the bathroom that was right in front of it. As soon as she watched her reflection on the mirror, she groaned lowly at her appearance; it was like she was coming from a horror movie or something like that. More than a nightmare. She thought to herself, placing her hand on her cheek to check one of the scratches that she had on her skin. Fully of mud it wasn’t something so unusually to her, but scratches and small scars on her hands it was something entirely different. “You did wrong. Your taste sucks, Caveman.” She said loudly enough for him to hear from the other side of the hallway. A small smile crossed her lips, because she knew that he wasn’t going to buy it since his sweater wasn’t that bad after all. She looked down at the sweater for an instant, before she shook her head. It was better than nothing. Chast took a step backward to peer outside of the bathroom to make sure that he didn’t move from the spot where he was before; it wouldn’t be the perfect time for him to just walk in right now. Rolling her eyes slightly, she took of her own white cotton shirt that wasn’t so white anymore and placed that on the top of the sink. Ouch. Swiftly she turned her back to the mirror to examine the source of her pain; it was a three inches wound that healed poorly. Her thumb slid over the would carefully and softly, but still she hissed slightly in pain. “I can hear you from here, you are judging me again.” She huffed in annoyance, picking up one of the towels that were on a small closet inside of the bathroom and she wet the cloth with some cold water to clean her wound. “I admit that i’m spoiled and my parents always gave me everything, but you are judging me wrong. You think i can’t survive in this place, don’t you? And that i’m too preppy to get used to this.” She paused for a moment, thinking about her own words before she continued. “But you are wrong. I was here camping with the others. I like nature and to sleep outside, i can handle a situation like this just perfectly and without help. Believe it or not, i was born to be a survival not an useless.” Rolling her eyes slightly at what she heard him saying, Chastity had to bite down her tongue slightly to not just snap at him. He was always trying to show that he was ‘Mr Right’ and that was just arg annoying. “I won’t put up with your shit either, Caveman. I always liked a good challenger anyway.” She murmured the last part to her as she placed the towel on the edge of the sink, looking at her reflection on the mirror once again. 

Kaiden rolled his eyes, gesturing for her to her along in the bathroom. When he heard her words from across the hall, he laughed, hollering back, “My taste is excellent, don’t even start Princess.” When he was certain she was in the bathroom, he curled up on the bed, his eyes closing instantly. Pete snuggled in beside him, and the two tried to catch up on a nap while the blonde cleaned up. His breathing slowed as he started to drift off, her voice snapping him back to the room.

"What now Princess?" He grumbled, as she said something about him judging her. "I’m always judging people, it’s human nature." He forced himself to listen to her speech about her past, his mouth setting in a hard line. "As long as you believe half the shit you say, you should be fine, shouldn’t you?" He sat up, Pete doing the same. "You’re still the fragile little Barbie. And everytime you argue with me, you prove the point even more." He laughed, "Glad we understand each other Princess. Did you pick up matches, or the kitchen knives?" They were going to need fire, and weapons.

Keeping Watch | Kaiden and Kaitlin

Kaitlin stared at him, her chin resting on his shoulder. “You were always good at lacrosse.” she said with a smile. Shrugging, she sat up a little straighter, putting on a fake smile. “So! Go into town at all?” she asked, reaching down to pat Pete’s head. Kait couldn’t handle talking about her family, at least not yet. She just wasn’t ready.

He gave her a weak smile. “I was, wasn’t I?” Kaiden mused, thinking back to the days spent on the field. Captain of the team, and he’d only transferred months ago. He turned to face her, nodding. “Yeah. I went in. With Chastity.” He made a face at the mention of the blonde. “Princess isn’t quite used to this…” He gestured vaguely with his hands, before settling on the word, “Shit.”

“Life is not what could be, should be, would be, oughta be, or might’ve been. It’s exactly what it is, and what it is, is shit.” —

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Keeping Watch | Kaiden and Kaitlin

“I hope so.” she said quietly, sighing. As much as Kaitlin isolated herself from everyone else, she wouldn’t do that with Kaiden. He’d been her friend for years and she didn’t have the heart to be a bitch to him, at least not right now. “I miss my mom.” she said quietly, biting her lip. “And as fucked up as it sounds, I even miss school.” Kait gave a hollow laugh. 

Kaiden tore his attention away from the town, to look at the red head beside him. She was quieter than usual, and she was a hell of a lot sadder. With good reason, he supposed, pulling her closer. “I miss them too.” He said, referring to his own family. Kaiden closed his eyes as the image of the mangled car flashed through his mind. “I miss school too.” He said, his tone surprised. “Not so much the classes, or the people, but lacrosse. I fucking miss that field.” Being relatively new to the town meant that Kaiden didn’t know many people. All he had really was Kaitlin, and the team. Now, all he had was Kaitlin, and he wondered if any of the boys had made it out as well.